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carla - image by carla coulson

I’m so thrilled to announce that I won the photo shoot in Sydney with the amazing Carla Coulson. I’ve loved Carla’s work for years and so I cannot wait to meet her in person (and it’s also perfect timing for a scene in my current book that I’m writing). Although I’m nervous at the thought of being photographed by her – I’m overjoyed that I shall be able to work her work at such close range. Thank you, Carla for selecting me and if you don’t know her work – check out her beautiful new website HERE and I highly recommend all her books if you enjoy photography. xx

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  1. thedomestictriffid April 5, 2012 / 4:34 am

    Randomness 🙂 I was actually looking for a copy of the Greenwood Tarot, and your site contains these words – something about a visit to a tarot reader and witch ( haven’t found it yet)… Just thought it was odd to find this post, as I am a HUGE fan of Carla Coulson and am HEARTBROKEN I didn’t win 🙁

    So I have found your Blog, and am going to check out your books now. Serendipity at work… I can hear a faint windsong… am wondering where you will lead me.

  2. josephinetalepeddler April 5, 2012 / 7:23 am

    I hope I lead you somewhere twisty, dark, beautiful and interesting! I am very delighted to have won the session with Carla and don’t give up on the dream of meeting and being photographed by her! Yes, I still have to update that blog about my witch tarot card reading but I’ve been a bit busy lately. Thanks for finding me and your comment. xx

    • thedomestictriffid April 7, 2012 / 12:28 am

      Oh Yes ! Via a strange and glimmering pathway of psychic recommendations on the site of someone with Hashimotos (like me 🙂 ) to this place :

      …which told me that my magical destiny is just around the corner…

      I’d LOVE to hear what the witch had to say to you !

      • katydidnext April 7, 2012 / 11:17 am

        further down that strange and glimmering pathway………..I also logged on to ask about the witchy tarot reading (but can be patient ;)……..and I also have Hashimotos………….AND I was a frequent spinner of the wheel when I lived in Melbourne. How do you like them apples?? he hee

      • thedomestictriffid April 7, 2012 / 1:32 pm

        I call synchronicity !! Or should that be “Serendipity” 🙂 Whatever next ?!

        PS: Spot the full moon !!

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