Writing Tips

Ride a Rhino

“In order to survive as an artist you must have three things – the skin of a rhino, the tenacity of a bulldog, and a nice home to come home to”

-Stella Adler

Josephine Pennicott Tips

To read a lot and across genres.

Write a lot – every day if possible even if it’s only for a short period of time.

Believe in yourself – even when the rest of the world doesn’t. Stay open to the thought that there is perfect timing in your writing career even when it doesn’t feel like it. Don’t compare your career to others – stay true to your own rhythm.

Don’t over-analyse first drafts. You have to turn off the analytical brain to enable the creative brain to come through.

Support the industry you want to be a part of. Buy books. Buy authors you may not have heard of.

Always treat the people who are above and below you in the world of publishing equally – they can change places quickly.

Write the book you would love to read.

Build a garden writing shed or create a space where there’s no computer access to write.

Pleasure the Muses by devouring works of visual art, poetry. Record your dreams and think outside the box.

Believe in a luck but use whatever spiritual means it takes to get you there. I’m a big believer in the power of visualisation and affirmations.

If one book doesn’t get picked up; dry your eyes, get off the floor and put on your big girl (or boy) pants and start again. Start again straight away. Fortune rewards the fearless. You’re allowed to keep the handkerchief by the computer as you write (I did) but just start again.

Never give in. Never give in. Never give in. And if possible, have a day job that isn’t too demanding on your energies so you can make time to write before and after work.