Comfort Television

With all the sad news in the media this week, it’s been good to have some quality ‘comfort television’ to retreat to.

In Australia, we’ve just had the new series of Midsomer Murders featuring Neil Dudgeon as cousin Barnaby. I watched the first show, Death In The Slow Lane, with some trepidation, not knowing if I’d like the character. So far, I have to say he is very good and appealing and in particular I love the scenes with his dog Sykes.

Here’s some more information on the little dog here.

David said, ‘oh the dog’s just the smoother for people like you who can’t bear to see Tom leave.’  Probably true but it worked! I also liked the schoolgirl characters (the scholarship girls) who were fun. The script was very confused and a bit muddling and I didn’t really get to understand why the murderer killed certain people but logic always has to be left behind when viewing Midsomer.

The other show I’m really enjoying is on ABC and is a British show called Marshlands.

This eerie tale with three different time periods (1960s, 80s and the present) woven together to show how a house absorbs the energy of its inhabitants in a lovely big house in Yorkshire, is my cup of tea, totally. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens as the story unfolds. Highly recommended for those who love past/present, mysteries and a good supernatural thriller. It also has a link to Midsomer Murders with the casting of Daniel Casey (Sergeant Troy) who plays Scott Maynard. What is your idea of comfort television? Leave me a note, I’d love to know. 

 Enjoy your weekend. I’m going to celebrate the Spring with my Spiritual Women’s group, attend a lingerie party (my first) and hope to do some more work in my garden writing shed.

And here’s a photo of Johnny Depp just because it’s Friday. xx

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Adieu, DCI Tom Barnaby


Adieu, DCI Tom Barnaby. I shall miss you greatly. Last night your farewell episode played in Australia and I blubbed along to it, as you in your usual dignified understated way made your farewells to the cast.


I’m not happy about your cousin taking over the role. Interviews where he talks about his sexy wife and how they have a more active sex life than yours has already put my hackles up. It sounds as if Midsomer Murders could go the way of the once-great Bill.

No matter how great Cousin Barnaby is, he can’t replace you, Joyce and Cully. At times, you could be a bit dour and far too focused on work but over the years I came to love Joyce and her zest for life, her bookclub, her drama, her desire to travel, to live in a chocolate-box pretty English village and her ability to always support you as you raced to yet another bloody, grisly murder. The three of you made a great team and Cousin Barnaby with his sexy wife and sexy little dog can’t possibly follow those giant footsteps.

In vain I tell myself that it doesn’t matter. The real stars of Midsomer Murders are the houses, the locations and the wonderful, dark, baroque and witty scriptwriting of Anthony Horowitz, but it does matter.

Over the years I’ve come to believe in you, Sir, and I don’t feel for one second you are a man who will handle retirement easily. Your life was entirely wrapped up in your work; you had no other interest. And you will drive Joyce mad when you are at home underfoot and Cully, no matter how close she is to you, has her own life.

 I shall now have to watch endless reruns of Midsomer Murders so I can at least pretend that you are still out there dealing with the ever-soaring bodycount in Midsomer County.  

Adieu and thank you, DCI Barnaby, for the memories. Hats off to you, Sir. I do wish you had stayed.