My art attempts to fuse unconscious and private information into public information. My approach is intuitive, allowing the image to form its own life. Each figure I paint represents a specific vision I have – a synthesis of past and present, public and private mythologies.

Figures – really self-portraits – often recur, e.g. the horse. Humour is an important element; figures such as the two-headed horse convey a lightheartedness that realistic figures would not. The rhythm of colour is important to me.

I steal from my dreams. Dreams transcend time; sometimes they defeat time. I relate to the irrational, the shaman and the visionary.

My influences include Surrealism, Symbolism, folk and fairy tales, myths and Medieval religious art.

Favourite Artists: Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington, Marc Chagall, Mimmo Paladino, Brian Froud, Jean Cocteau, Maya Deren, Jane Ray.