2 Bride Of The Stone


Despite Emma’s best efforts, the sacred Eom crystal is beginning to recharge, throwing the magical Goddess-worshipping world of Eronth into deadly turmoil. Bride of The Stone tells the story of Maya, daughter of Emma and the mysterious Stag Man, who was stolen by an Eronth faery tribe as an infant and raised to womanhood oblivious to both her identity and destiny in the great struggle to come.

Maya finds herself in a world threatened with destruction. The sinister Lightcaster feeds off the Eom’s dark energy to orchestrate bloody witch-hunts, and the Sea Hags fulfill ancient prophecies by invading the land. The Azephim dark angels scheme to harness the Eom’s power and Maya’s future to realise their dreams of power.

Amidst this chaos Maya begins a long road to self-discovery, helped by the Wizards of the Circle of Nine, freed from millennia trapped in stone.

Meanwhile on Earth, Emma’s house is occupied by a new age cult whose leader’s esoteric powers are frighteningly real. But he knows little about his own angelic lineage. He knows even less about the Azephim and other dangerous entities drawn to the house’s dormant portal between the worlds.

Maya’s destiny unfolds as she falls in love with Bwani, leader of the Circle of Nine. But are their combined powers enough stop the dark forces destroying not only Eronth, but Earth as well?

(published March 2003 by Simon & Schuster)