I Am Flying: Poets Cottage Has Sold

I am flying. I am finding it difficult to take in at the moment, even though I’ve known for a couple of weeks. Yesterday – Spring Equinox – I spent the morning at my agent’s signing a two-book deal with Pan Macmillan.

I am swooping over the chimney tops and breaking apart clouds as I say those words again. I’ve been writing now for six years out of contract. Poets Cottage took me three years to write as I struggled with juggling motherhood and writing.

It has been three years since I stood outside the ‘real Poets Cottage’ in the Tasmanian evening light watching the full moon rise over her roof and the shadows move in the garden.

She gave her story to me then and I passed it on.
I am soaring with my dreams amongst the stars now. Swoosh! Swoosh!
Watch me swoop!
The Spring Equinox is a time of balance, contemplation, celebration and giving thanks. I have a lot to celebrate tonight.
Other things in my life are not so good. The shadows are there with the ongoing health problems of a close family member.
But tonight I will wave to you from the sky wherever you are. If you look out of your window to the night. I am smiling back. xx