Characters manifesting on secret beaches

A busy month filled with activity. In Australia we bid farewell to Summer and welcomed Autumn.

In Germany my Currawong Manor was released. It’s German title is Sturmtochter which translates most poetically to Daughters of the Storm. I hope that my world of Currawong Manor is enjoyed as much as Poet’s Cottage was received there.
In the mail I not only had the delightful pleasure of my receiving my beautiful copies of Sturmtochter, but also Poet’s Cottage (Dornen Tochter) in another edition with its SPIEGEL Bestseller tag.


We spent quite a lot of time at the beach this summer as we discovered a secret beach which is not as frequented.

Just yesterday at the seaside after my daughter’s netball, I spotted a gentleman who sparked a character and an entire addition to a book I have been mulling over for years came to me. Luckily I had my notebook and I began sketching and writing ideas that came to me as I studied him. My husband walking past this unsuspecting man engaged in a brief conversation which was reported back. Strangely enough, notes I had taken regarding his culture, his appearance etc were proven accurate. Plus, he said a most intriguing sentence to David which I can definitely use in the book. I was surprised by the speed of the information triggered by this gentleman that came to me. You must always carry a notebook! More on notebooks in another post.

And here is a shot of my Currawong Manor edit for the Australian version.


And my stunningly beautiful Australian cover for Currawong Manor has now been revealed. I love it so much as it really conveys the darkness and mystery in the books. So happy with my Australian covers for both my mysteries from Pan Macmillan.


Currawong Manor will be released in Australia in June. You can read a synopsis HERE.

In July on the 26th at 3pm, I am going to be at Better Read than Dead in Newtown for a High Tea to discuss murder, mystery, and creativity over cupcakes and tea. If you live locally I would love to see you there.

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In Love and Light
Josephine xx

4 Responses

  1. lizstoryspinner March 31, 2014 / 8:34 pm

    Josephine, when that book is published, you will have to run a competition for readers to guess which sentence from the book it was that was used in that real conversation with David…

    • josephinetalepeddler April 1, 2014 / 6:32 am

      Dear Liz, that is a brilliant idea. I’m so happy with your optimism that it’s ‘when’ the book is published and not ‘if’. Hope you are writing and all is well. xx

  2. Vanna April 1, 2014 / 11:54 am

    It is so interesting to read about how you find inspiration for your writing. I love the new cover, and of course love the quote from Buddha too.
    Book me in for the high tea – sounds lots of fun!
    Vanna xxx

    • josephinetalepeddler April 29, 2014 / 1:34 am

      Dear Vanna, would love to see you at the High Tea. the date has now been changed to June the 21st, so hopefully you can make that. Sorry for tardy reply, but I’ve been moving my website over from .com to .org. Hope all is well in your life and you had a brilliant holiday away. xx

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