Tourists and Ghosts

I’m going away for a couple of weeks on a research trip for my writing. Think wild seas, cottage-gardens and overgrown cemeteries. I’m looking forward to escaping from the humidity in Sydney. I’ve been slowly working away at my edit for Poets Cottage. Slowly because my daughter is home on holidays and so finding the time to write is almost impossible.
David took Daisy to see Tangled this week and I saw Johnny Depp in The Tourist. This movie has a plot almost as plausible as an episode of Midsomer Murders but the imagery is spectacular. Retro, blue and moody. Venice is always magic. Johnny Depp spoke in a recent interview about walking the Venetian streets at night and the ghosts coming alive for him.
Venice is a city filled with tourists, dreams and ghosts. I treasure the memories of the holiday David and I had there. A city with no cars breathes a silence heavy with poetry and memory; it haunts you forevermore. I can still hear her waters and remember the colours of the grand buildings lining the canal. When you wish to walk with ghosts, Venice is the city for your journey.

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  1. gypsyscarlett January 12, 2011 / 6:07 pm

    Oh, have a lovely time during your vacation. Sounds wondrous.

    And now I want to see the film. 🙂

  2. xenia January 28, 2011 / 11:07 am

    oh, the tourist,
    it is a fine and kind of a opera, exprecion movie…
    funy too…
    yes, well made film from director’s poind of view, seems to me.
    i went to see it on my own and then paid a ticked to a friend which wasn’t that happy, but she is never happy anyway.
    i like it and will buy it on DVD if possible.
    thanks a lot

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