Winning the Shoe


I’ve shortlisted for the annual Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto Award for short story writing. It’s a great honour to shortlist again as I’ve placed in this competition so many times (including winning the coveted Scarlet Stiletto First Place). 

Here is a picture of a blonder me delighted with my shoe in St Kilda, 2001.

For many years I’ve been after that longed-for second shoe to make a double-set, but despite coming near (and picking up the Kerry Greenwood Award twice for Malice Domestic), the second shoe still eludes me. I suspect I am the most shortlisted entrant ever, which goes to show how stubborn and pig-headed I can be when I want something!Apart from the second shoe, I do enjoy the challenge of writing for the Scarlet Stiletto every year. I’m so used to writing longer novels that I enjoy creating a smaller world at around 5000 words.

I’m head down in research for my current book, Currawong House. This is one of my favourite parts of the process: the shift, the meditative state as you feel the story start to move from the deepest parts of your being.

To me it is a sacred journey, the craft of story. This weekend I am taking time off to go on a spiritual retreat where I can contemplate lots of different things and gaze at a moon and stars that aren’t hidden by the smog of the city.

Thanks for visiting me. Keep Creative. xx    


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