Fifties Fair

Designed by Harry Seidler for his parents, Rose and Max, Rose Seidler house in the 1950s must have looked as if it came from outer space. Positioned at the edge of the bush, its cube-like form was a sensation to a Sydney emerging from the depression and two world wars. But the decade’s optimism was impacting all the arts – including  the housing industry. Harry Seidler was like all the modernists, looking to the future in his design. His vision excited the public as he overthrew all previous conventions concerning Australian architecture.


Even finding a builder prepared to work on such an innovative house was a challenge, not to mention that building materials were in short supply after World War II. But following a lengthy construction; the Seidlers moved into their new home in late 1950.

Over 17 years, Rose built rockeries, stone walls and she added plants and flowers, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. The vegetable garden produced copious amounts of vegetables which she pressed generously upon friends including Max Dupain, who would go home with great boxes full of fresh vegetables.

Today, Rose Seidler House is owned by the Historic Houses Trust and annually hosts the Fifties Fair which my family attended today with a friend.



We travelled to the fair in true vintage style via a genuine 1950s bus.



I loved marvelling over all the vintage frocks. Here are some photos from the parade. 

collage Fair

Daisy and I entered the family group section.


But as soon as we spotted our competition – this amazing looking family – we knew we had lost this year. Hats off the mother of this family who spent weeks hand sewing their outfits.


Some of the frocks being judged.


Here’s the beautiful winner of the Ladies section.



Of course the Fifties Fair wouldn’t be complete without some great music. Here are the lads from Rusty Pinto’s Shotdown from Sugartown.


And some swing and jive cats and kittens.


And there’s always the cars too ooh and aah over.


Too soon, the Fifties Fair was over for another year.

Sorry Daisy, that’s not our car.


But here comes the bus to take us home.


And so we departed Rose Seidler House leaving that unique house in its isolated spectacular setting of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

When they occupied Rose Seidler House, the Seidlers had to endure uninvited visitors who would queue outside to peer through the glass walls, awed by the house. It’s hard to imagine what they would have thought if they had a time capsule and could have seen what would be the destiny of their son’s design.


You can read more about Rose Seidler House and the Fifties Fair HERE.


I want Cheree Cassidy’s dressing room. I’m not sure if this is a prop for her shoot for the Sunday Telegraph magazine but I love it!

And I also love her antique jewellery collection and yes, the Bollywood posters and fresh flowers. Just lovely inspiration on a grey and rainy Sunday. You cannot go past a vintage frock. Thanks for visiting. xx

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