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image Chester Partnership

image Chester Partnership

I was delighted, astounded and totally gobsmacked to discover yesterday that Poet’s Cottage has made the shortlist for the annual Sisters in Crime Davitt Awards.
I wasn’t expecting to make the cut because the formidable 61-book longlist was filled with some amazing talent. But I’m so happy to see Poet’s Cottage shortlisted along with serial-Davitt winner/writing pal Katherine Howell, Sulari Gentill, Caroline Overington, Kathryn Fox, Norelle M Harris, Maggie Groff and Malla Nunn. I’m very thrilled to see my Tasmanian sea-fishing murder mystery alongside such talented Sisters in Crime. Including my old mate, Jen Storer with her Truly Tan book in the Young Adult/Children’s section. My eight year old, Daisy when I told her Truly Tan was nominated, said with a sympathetic expression, ‘Your book will NEVER beat her.’ You can always count on your tribe to cut you down to size. You can see the full shortlist HERE

When I first heard the news, I had to go for a run to calm down. A day later I’m still sitting with a grin wider than Luna Park.

I was transported back to Stanley, Tasmania, where the wild sea wind and spectacular scenery inspired the story of Poet’s Cottage. I still hear the faint sounds of Pearl’s gramophone playing, feel the cold sea breeze blow Birdie’s hair, and hear the stomp of the Bindi-Eye Man as he treads through Thomasina’s memory trailing damp, rotten seaweed in his wake.

I’m always happy that people have enjoyed reading the tale that whispered itself to me and has clung like the Tasmanian sea-mist for so many years. They were lovely characters to explore and I’m delighted they have made it to the Davitts.

I have included an image I love of Daphne du Maurier outside Menabilly, her sea-fishing ‘cottage’ that inspired Manderley from Rebecca (it’s from the book Daphne du Maurier At Home by Hilary Macaskill) and photos of my own trip to Stanley near the Tasmanian sea. It brings me such joy that local book clubs have gone to Stanley to discover the inspirations that inspired Poet’s Cottage.

Thank you for visiting me and may your story find you. xx

10 thoughts on “Houses Whispering Stories And Davitt Awards

    • Thanks so much, dear Karen. Yes, I was surprised to have made that final cut. So many wonderful authors and books published that year. Still can’t believe Poet’s Cottage shortlisted. So happy to be with the other authors. Hope you are well and writing up a storm. xx

  1. Congratulations, Josephine! How wonderful! Best of luck.

    Ahhh, Rebecca. How I love that novel… I played Mrs de Winter in the play version of the novel a few years back. Such a lovely production.

    Clare x

  2. Congratulations Josephine! That is so exciting :-) I love that pic of the Nut. I’ve started going thought some of my old childhood photos & have found a few of our adventures on & around the Nut. Lots of memories!

    • Thanks Sleepydwarf, I am totally mad about the Nut. I didn’t put the Nut in Poet’s Cottage as it never felt right to make it part of the book but I spent countless hours roaming around up there thinking over scenes. The air and the views are just magical. Thanks again for your visit and congratulations. xx

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